▀▄ easy | Evolution Racewerks Competition Midpipe G8x BMW M3 / M4

▀▄ easy | Evolution Racewerks Competition Midpipe G8x BMW M3 / M4 – Just Released


Just released is the new Evolution Racewerks-anticipated center tubes for the G80/82. Available now and in stock.

The Evolution Racewerks Competition Series medium tubes are manufactured from 100% 304 grade stainless steel and use spindle-bent tubes. They are 100% TIG welded by their in-house manufacturers and built in the USA. Exhaust flanges are billet stainless steel that is precision-cut by CNC. Factory bracket hanger is kept. The bracket hanger is laser cut and TIG welded using stainless steel rods. High quality exhaust clips are used to connect the middle pipes to the rear exhaust muffler section.

The Competition Series medium tubes feature an “H” pattern cross. The crossover is used to balance the pressure between the left and right exhaust pipes. This helps promote better flow and reduce tinnitus. By testing between the X and H crossover designs, the H crossover design helped reduce hum and improve low-end torque compared to the X crossover design. Thus, the letter “H” crossover was inserted instead of the “X” crossover. At the end of the day, this is a BMW and you don’t want to buzz. The factory mid-tube also incorporates the “H” crossover design so BMW felt the “H” styling was the perfect solution for this application.

Competition Series medium pipes are engineered to fit perfectly in your factory exhaust system or aftermarket exhaust system designed to match your factory medium pipes.

Available in a one-piece welded version for local installations or a 3-piece version for shipping.

High initial torque curve. The torque curve hits faster, higher and longer.
Better throttle response and faster turbo start times
– Removes factory resonators to improve flow
– 3″ (80 mm) bent mandrel tubes for a smooth transition through the exhaust system.
– 100% stainless steel
– 100% TIG welded welds with better quality
CNC precision flanges
– glossy finish
Compatible with factory or aftermarket exhaust systems
– Durability of the track test
– Includes all hardware for complete installation
Lifetime Limited Warranty

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