702 module 6: assignment – chapter 2 of research proposal (literature

Review past research (you should have a good starting point from the Annotated Bib assignment for Module 2( The Effect of E-commerce on Consumer Behavior) , and continue the search for more/better articles) to build a solid foundation and support for your study. As in research articles you have read, you must, in due diligence, describe what is currently known about your topic. In particular, how do past research and existing theories inform and lead up to your particular RQ and Hypothesis? This literature review provides background and a supportive argument for your study’s RQ or Hypothesis.As per APA style, you will label this section with the heading, Literature Review. Rely on the current edition of APA for formatting headings, supplemental chapters, and sample paper. Assuming you have laid a strong foundation in this section, you will have developed the framework of the paper.The Lit Review is without question the most revealing section of your paper. You must describe, explain, and evaluate existing research that informs our understanding of your topic. This literature review helps justify your RQ and/or Hypothesis, which are listed at the end of this review section. Find a way to logically organize the past research chronologically, general to specific, contrast-comparison, trends, topical, problem-solution (much like you would a speech). Be careful not to quote too much – put information/research findings in your own words as much as possible.You connect the research by linking back to the research idea you are studying.You can present the RQ/Hypothesis in one of 2 ways: 1) display it as it emerges from the literature review, or 2) incorporate it as a total summary to the literature review. Remember that you type RQ1 and H1 (not the full words: Research Question or Hypothesis).Citing from at least four to eight articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals, write a 2-3 page  Literature Review on your chosen research problem/ topic. Be sure to utilize the Research Proposal Template as a guide.This assignment must be structured to conform to APA format and style standards.  Feel free to ask your instructor any questions you may have. 

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