Since they work with patients daily, nurses are crucial components of the healthcare system. They contribute significantly throughout the entire project’s life cycle while not being the ones who deploy the application. Because they are aware of how the services offered to patients are constantly evolving, nurses are ardent proponents of change in the healthcare industry. They are aware of the specific adjustments required to enhance healthcare delivery, such as the requirement for a barcode scanner to facilitate the collection and logging of patient data.


Because they are aware of the requirements for the new system and may contribute essential information for its design and implementation, nurses are information providers in the change process. For instance, they know the necessity of gathering demographic data from their patients. They outline how the new system should work in conjunction with the healthcare organization’s current architectural framework.


The nurse will assume a communicative role to explain the need for and use of the new program. The nurse leader, for instance, needs to make sure that other nurses know the advantages of a new information system and how to use it. Because of their position as patient advocates and their frequent interactions with patients, they will also communicate the need for change to hospital patients seeking care.


The hospital’s nurses will help research the new program and coordinate outreach to internal and external stakeholders. They must acquire data from numerous sources to aid in the creation and implementation of the new system. The nurse must also disclose the information discovered during the study.


The response is that inpatients and outpatients who visit the hospital for primary care are included in the target category.

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