Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue

Serious problems or pressures are plaguing the American healthcare system, and if policymakers don’t take action, treatment outcomes may suffer. The challenges put healthcare organizations in a more specific situation and increase the likelihood that they would deliver substandard and hazardous treatment. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions should boost overall efficiency despite these problems. To solve issues and raise standards, organizational leaders should establish effective leadership strategies (Marshall & Broome, 2017). By implementing a solid health and wellness program, leaders should address burnout, one of the most fundamental issues closely tied to turnover. However, leaders in the healthcare industry face various difficulties or stresses.


Nursing staff burnout

Nurses are among the medical professionals who face the most stress and burnout. Stress at work can cause severe mental weariness, known as burnout. Due to the nature of their jobs, nurses suffer from the highest incidence of burnout. Patients with severe illnesses and other complicated needs, like mental health concerns, are typically treated by them. The need for their services is also rising due to their workplace (de Paiva, Canário, de Paiva China, & Gonçalves, 2017). As patient needs get more complex and nurse-patient ratios rise, nurses are becoming increasingly burnt out. According to organization data, 36 nurses have left their jobs due to exhaustion since 2016. The most harm has been done to the emergency room. Additionally, the report finds that more than 60% of the remaining nurses claim that the demands of their jobs have left them weary (de Paiva et al., 2017). Burnout is a severe issue in the hospital that primarily affects the nurses.

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