Army professional ethics

In order to utilize Army professional ethics to impact a command climate, it is important to understand the meaning. According to Doty & Gelineau (2008), the significance of leadership and command is to create a climate that aims at inspiring all the unit members to achieve extraordinary goals and high-performance levels at all times under all conditions, especially when under combat stress. It communicates the standard and desire for us to settle on the right choices and to take the right activities in the lead of the mission, execution of Duty, and in all parts of our lives. In this regard, command climate acts as the unit’s ethos standardized by the unit commander. Allen (2015) asserts that if we view ethics as being the actions and ideas that maintain the standards of the profession of arms, then it is clear that a command climate has a direct influence on the ethical character of a unit — through command climate, instilling and enforcing a unit-wide commitment to excellence, tactical proficiency, and growth while upholding the standards of professionalism.

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