Benchmarking in the Fields of Vocational Training

Benchmarking in the Fields of Vocational Training, Sheltered Employment, and Sheltered Workshops

More countries are giving people with impairments remote job options. The existing framework permits full public participation in the economy. To gain ISO 9000 accreditation, operators of shelters and other organizations that cater to people with special needs use management strategies borrowed from the business sector, such as quality assurance procedures (Visier, 347). However, institutional responses to various legal situations have varied, from particular organizational law requirements to a country’s general business regulation (Visier, 347). The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to run a sheltered employment program, although.


The country can learn some critical lessons to put the finest practices in these domains into effect because the employment model, which includes workshops and vocational training, is constrained and distinct from those of other nations like Sweden and Canada.

Secure employment, workshops, and vocational training are all available in the UAE.


Employers must treat people with special needs fairly and equally under UAE law. The UNCRPD, which provides guidelines for hiring individuals with disabilities, has been ratified by the nation (“Employment of People of Determination”). Although it has clear rules for how people are employed, the standards there are lower than in other nations, particularly those with advanced economies. Dubai Government Law No. 2 of 2014 and Federal Law No. 29 of 2006 Concerning the Rights of People with Special Needs are two instances of laws defending residents (“Employment of People of Determination”). People with special needs are required by national law to work and serve in public office. Therefore, their difficulties should not bar them from consideration for any position. Their qualifications should also be considered when determining if they are qualified for the post (“Employment of People of Determination”). These professionals have several excellent opportunities because of the legal system in the UAE.

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