Bioethical Implications of Eating Patterns on Health and Environment Sustainbility

1. Divide into 3 separate essays under 1 topic (isolate key themes or issues related to research interests. ) 2. Paper should be rigorously sourced, and academic. 3. There must be a minimum of 12 sources in total. 4. The majority of sources should be bioethical. 5. Grammatically sound, organized essay in strict APA style. 6. The bioethical literature review must focus on specific bioethical issues (must contain a dilemmas) related to the chosen topic. 7. The literature review must not be overtly general or patient centered in its perspective. 8. writing should all be about ethics and literature 9. avoid sources like (.com) , use trusted/significant resources 10. avoid explaining biomedical things as this is a literature review Introduction: The introduction should identify your topic, some discussion of the significance of that topic and a thesis statement that outlines what conclusion you will draw from your analysis and synthesis of the literature. If your literature review is part of a larger work, explain the importance of the review to your research question. Body: In the body, discuss and assess the research according to specific organizational principles (see examples below), rather than addressing each source separately. Most, if not all, paragraphs should discuss more than one source. Avoid addressing your sources alphabetically as this does not assist in developing the themes or key issues central to your review. Conclusion The conclusion should provide a summary of YOUR findings from the literature review. Explain what your analysis of the material leads you to conclude about the overall state of the literature, what it provides and where it is lacking. You can also provide suggestions for future research or explain how your future research will fill the gaps in the existing body of work on that topic. MAXIMUM 2500 words ( the ethical things are mentioned in “My Draft” )

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