biotechnology project

Assignment 4 – Pitch Your ProductFor your final assignment, please select one new product that was on your Innovation Pipeline from Assignment 3, and present your sales pitch! (Assume all development has been completed and is successful.)This assignment has 2 deliverables:1. PowerPoint Slides – due by midnight, Sunday, April 12th 2. In-class presentation – Monday, April 13th Please also do the following:· Write who your target audience (retailer buyer, hospital administrator, end consumer, etc.) is in the title slide of your presentationWhen preparing your content, please consider the following, as we discussed in class:· Know your audience· Tell a compelling story· Keep it simple and relatable· Establish why the product is needed/important· Reference your competition· Clearly explain what makes your product different and superior· How will the consumer and customer benefit (WIIFT (“What’s in it for them”))?· What are the next steps that you want (What is your “ask”)?As always, if you have any questions about this assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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