Black Social Movement

Activism among black people is not a new development. As a result, America’s current activism continues its long history of activism. During the civil rights era, black people began to advance. But it wasn’t until 1966 after the unarmed 16-year-old Matthew Johnson was shot and killed in San Francisco, that the Black People Movement was formally founded. After Trayvon Martin, 17, was killed in 2013, Black Lives Matter (BLM) was founded on the same tenets. The Black Lives Matter movement, which campaigns against police brutality and advocates for the protection of “Black Humanity” in America, carries out the aspirations of coloured Americans today. The two revolutions’ strategic choices and ideological stances diverge despite their similarities. Black movements have consistently changed to put an end to this heinous practice as a result of the long-standing problem of racism in America.



The two businesses’ use of similar communication strategies can be credited to the parallels between them. Both movements exhibit tremendous radicalization that drives them to continue fighting racism despite receiving little backing from the general public or coverage of their complaints in the mainstream media. Instead, they use spoken and unspoken words to network and disseminate information among their followers across America. For instance, the Black Panthers issued a weekly newspaper in the 1960s that focused on the injustices that black people endured. The artistic direction of the publication was overseen by Culture Emory (Carson and Garrow 335). Other major news outlets would never have dared to publish the in-depth images from this piece.

Currently, the BLM adopts the same combative stance while responding to Black concerns on various internet venues.

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