Compassion Fatigue Among Pediatric Nurses in India

Three-Component Model Scale

Description of the Three-Component Model Scale

Numerous academics have focused on organizational commitment. Researchers have seen a rising need to pinpoint the elements that encourage a commitment to one’s job. Therefore, the study made considerable use of the three-component model scale to better understand commitment.


Meyer and Allen’s three-component model scale refined the prior organizational commitment literature. At first, it was thought that the most important indicators of an employee’s dedication were their actions and attitudes (Limpanitgul et al., 2017). The two academics created a model that contends that loyalty to an organization is founded on passionate, continuing, and normative dedication, in contrast to what is currently understood (Limpanitgul et al., 2017). As a result, the “Affective Commitment Scale (ACS), Continuance Commitment Scale (CCS), and Normative Commitment Scale (NCS)” were developed as three scales of measurement (Koskei, Kimutai & Bogonko, 2018). However, several of the scales’ components have been updated over time.


The three scale components outline the design of each component. For instance, affective commitment is an emotional attachment to a position or group of people (Tadesse, 2019). This affection is frequently manifested in the ties between coworkers or in how important they feel to the company (Al-Jabari & Ghazzawi, 2019). Researchers can use the language questions in the ASC to assess a worker’s affective commitment (Uraon, 2017). The statistic considers positive comments about companies, like “this company has enormous personal relevance to me” (Betanzos-Diaz, Rodriguez-Loredo & Paz-Rodrigues, 2017). Normative commitment occurs when workers believe they should remain with a company and have related subscales (Cherian, Alkhatib, Aggarwal, 2018). Language that conveys that an employee’s dedication is required, such as “This company deserves my devotion,” is expected (Betanzos-Diaz et al., 2017).

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