Connecting health and health care presentation

According to Kindig and Stoddart (2003), population health is the health outcomes of a group of individuals. While some perspectives consider population health as only the distribution of such health outcomes within the group, there are others who are concerned with social and environmental factors, policies, and interventions as indicators of population health. As a health care professional, some combination of both is likely how you will address the factors and distribution of the health outcomes with a given population. In this assignment, you will demonstrate how your skill in population health can improve individuals’ health outcomes through improved care. This happens by analyzing approaches to connecting public health and the health care system. Assignment Directions:12- to 16-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes in which you: Compare at least 3 countries’ health care systems.Compare each country’s approach to connecting population health and the health care system.Explain lessons learned from past population health issues.Identify trends in population health.Format your references according to APA guidelines

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