Country Study Proposal: Brazil

Brazil, one of the medium-income economies, is the suggested study location. GlobalEDGE, Trading Economics, the Heritage Foundation, the World Bank, and Transparency International are a few data sources. The sources are reliable enough to be used in academia, research, and other applications. The crucial variable, the authority, and the time frame for the data covered are listed in the table below.


A source with Variable time


China, the US, Argentina, Germany, and Nigeria are the top 5 import partners.















China, the US, Argentina, the Netherlands, and Japan are the top 5 export partners.





2014 GlobalEDGE





Industrial machinery, electrical machinery, automobiles and their components, oil and other mineral fuels, and organic chemicals are the top five imported goods.





2014 GlobalEDGE





Oil, seeds, mineral fuels, and other items are among the top 5 exported products. Meat and Commercial Equipment GlobalEDGE 2014





Real GDP per person between 2006 and 2014





GDP/Imports, 2006–2015, Heritage Foundation World Bank exports to GDP, 2006–2015 Trading Economics Openness Index, 2012–2016





Global Bank





GDP and current account, 2006–2016





Index of Corruption Perception in Trading Economics





International Exchange Rate Transparency from 2006 to 2015





Trading Economics World Bank FDI flows and average tariff rates from 2006 to 2015

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