Crm, scm, and erp in start-ups

 Review Scenario 1, “Cool College Start-Ups,” under “Making Business Decisions” at the end of Ch. 3 of Business Driven Technology.Navigate to Inc. and find this year’s current Coolest College Start-ups article. Choose one of the start-up organizations listed.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: From the select start-up organization selected from the site above, explain how the business could benefit from using CRM, SCM, and ERP to establish themselves in the marketplace. What strategy would you suggest for the success of SCM in that organization? Be sure each enterprise system is included in your answer, and keep “systems thinking” in mind.Is the company using a SCM system software? Are there other software packages that would work better? If so, what would you suggest? Explain your answer.

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