Dba case study wk2 | Management homework help

 Review the following study:  Wk2-Self-awareness.pdf Wk2-Self-awareness.pdf – Alternative FormatsWrite a 1,000-1,500 word paper including the following headings and content:Case Overview – Provide an overview of the case details in 400 words or less.Research Design – What are 2-4 features of this research design?Discussion – What observations stood out to you?Personal Applications – Using 200-400 words, what 2-3 insights did you gain from this study that you can put into use?References: One from this study and one additional reference from your course textbooksInclude at least two PCRs (Paraphrase, Citation, and Reference) – one from this dissertation and one from one of your textbooks.ParaphraseCitation (In-text APA)Reference (APA at the end of paper in final section)

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