Distribution strategy – group project – 1.5 pages case study

 Distribution Strategy – This is a group project  I only need the distribution strategy  Product –  The company will develop a user-friendly application app that can integrate hotels under the Marriott umbrella to offer their products and services to a pool of customers.  Recommend a distribution plan for the new product.Considering your company’s product from a strategic perspective,  would you recommend creating a wholesale distribution channel, focusing  on retail distribution, or using a multichannel approach that  incorporates both wholesale and retail distribution?What types of retailers or wholesalers (or mix of both) would you recommend using?Given your recommended distribution channel strategy, what decisions  about the retail or wholesale marketing mix must be made to form a  viable retailer or wholesaler marketing strategy?I will add what my classmates have done after the bid I need 1.5 max 2 pages and references. No title page or anything. 

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