Teachers should concentrate on teaching students about the moral questions that FERPA and HIPPA bring. Educators teach future healthcare professionals to uphold the same principles when offering services and instructing others. Avoiding “creating damage in all scenarios involving care” is a goal shared by nurses and students. Although other ethical ideas ought to be introduced in nursing school, “Not hurt” is sufficient because it covers all of the moral principles that guide healthcare.

The cornerstone of ethical standards in nursing and other medical fields is “Do no harm.” The practice must adhere to this minimum requirement to protect patients from unintentional damage. Due to this knowledge, students can more effectively acquire the critical thinking and reflecting abilities required to offer competent care (Cannaerts, Gastmans, & Casterl√©, 2014). This idea provides nursing students with the information and skills they need to interact with their patients and other caregivers. Additionally, it teaches them how to employ clinical expertise and tact to avoid detrimental effects on the continuum of treatment, as well as the relationship between context and intervention. The guiding principle of “Do no harm” covers the essentials, but educators should additionally impart other ethical standards. For example, a nurse who upholds the principle of “Not harm” won’t do any unethical actions that might endanger the patient. In therapy sessions, they must support patient privacy and confidentiality per FERPA, HIPPA, and any other ethical standards.

The concept of not harm should be stressed in nursing education since it serves as the foundation for understanding and upholding all other healthcare ethical frameworks. With this information, nurses can provide patients with the best care while keeping stringent patient safety standards. All nursing ethical teaching should be built around the “Do no harm” tenet.

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