Effective Educational Strategies

Quality and Safety Outcomes in Health Care


Summary of Findings

The most effective teaching methods that encourage critical thinking in undergraduate nursing students were identified through a quick evaluation. Prior research has shown that using critical thinking improves the effectiveness and security of healthcare results. Many systematic reviews discuss ways to instill critical thinking in nursing students. The selected systematic reviews and a meta-analysis that contains crucial details about the topic served as the foundation for the current rapid assessment. The interventions are broken down into four groups in the presentation of the findings: problem-based and evidence-based procedures, instructional techniques, and student-centered strategies.








Methods Based on Technologies


The meta-analysis and reviewed systematic reviews examined the efficacy of technology-based CT skill acquisition. Only two interventions—the interactive videodisc system and the interactive videodisc system—promoted critical thinking. According to Carter, Creedy, and Sidebotham’s 2016 review, interactive videodisc systems effectively foster the development of CT skills in nursing education. The effectiveness of the interactive videodisc system was evaluated using the CCTDI approach (Carter, Creedy & Sidebotham, 2016). There might have been more effective technological alternatives.





Methods that are both evidence- and problem-based





The main topics of the systematic reviews and meta-analyses were the problem and evidence-based remedies that encourage critical thinking in nursing students. (Oliveira, D., Carbogim, Rodrigues, & Püschel, 2016; Carter, Creedy, & Sidebotham, 2016; Carvalho et al., 2017) The PBL method is effective in the classroom when utilized alone. The effect on CT, however, was more significant; therefore, it was paired with CM (Carter, Creedy & Sidebotham, 2016; Carvalho et al., 2017). The approach could potentially be used with online instruction to improve CT abilities (Oliveira, Dáz, Carbogim, Rodrigues & Püschel, 2016). Researchers Carter, Creedy, and Sidebotham (2016) discovered that taking evidence-based courses aided nursing students in fostering their capacity for critical thought.

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