Ending Violence Against Emergency Room Nurses



Concerns about patient aggressiveness toward emergency room nurses are raised (Hassankhani et al., 2018). A policy is required to safeguard nurses from violence directed towards leaders and other nurses. This policy must acknowledge the risk, carry out an exhaustive assessment, implement preventative measures, provide channels for reporting, and assist the impacted nurses (Azami et al., 2018). The policy should be implemented within two months of a thorough assessment of the organization’s need for change.


The frequency of violent occurrences against ER personnel is increasing. According to research released in November 2011 by the Emergency Nurses Association, around one in ten ER nurses have faced physical abuse in the previous seven days (Docksai, 2019). More occurrences might have occurred than were documented.


According to OSHA records, nurses or social workers were engaged in 75% of the 25,000 assault instances reported annually. When nurses are on duty, particularly in the emergency room, cases of psychical and psychological abuse against them occur, according to the ANA (2019).


Because of absences and the expense of treating the injured nurses, violent incidents cost the hospital much money.


People who go to emergency rooms for mental health care are the ones who commit the majority of violent crimes. The reason for the policy modifications is the high prevalence of violence.





Given the nationwide workplace violence against nurses, prompt regulatory action is necessary. Stakeholder recommendations include:


To safeguard nurses at work, Congress and state legislatures should change the law and pass new legislation.



The legislation must be strengthened and made more explicit about punishing perpetrators.


OSHA should require healthcare CEOs to comply fully.





Governmental organizations like OSHA should impose strict reporting requirements.





Workplace safety policies and procedures should be developed and implemented by healthcare organizations.





Healthcare system administrators should teach nurses self-defense skills.





Nursing organizations and boards should create and implement standards for nurses’ safety.

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