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Synthesis EssayList of Readings: “The Banking Concept of Education”, Freire; “Talk on Education”, Robinson; “Freewriting”, Elbow; “Multiple Intelligences”, Gardner; “How to Mark a Book,” Adler; “The Makerâ€s Eye”, Murray.Essay Assignment:In this essay you will be making a claim regarding your ideas on education. This claim will be derived from a synthesis of ideas drawn from at least two of the readings from this quarter and from your collective discussions. One of these texts must be Freire. Feel free to draw from ideas introduced in your first two essays.On the path to developing a claim, you will, among other things, be analyzing and/or comparing the ideas of some of the authors you have read this quarter.Some questions you might ask to get started: What are the writer’s ideas on learning or creativity? What are some of the claims made regarding power, poverty, transformation and society? Where do they agree, and where do they disagree? How have your classmates†views on education informed your own or enhanced your understanding of the readings?These are just ideas to get you started. (Be sure to read Ideas for the Synthesis Essay.)

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