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3 Replies 100 words minimum per reply. (300 words total – 100 words minimum, per reply)Additionally, you will reply to a minimum of 3 other classmates’ threads. Thus, you will havesubmitted substantive written responses to a minimum of 3 other classmates’ threads.What is Substantive Interaction?·The School of Business is committed to the collaborative learning model. In this course,collaborative learning requires each student to read and spend time reflecting on other’spostings, and then respond in a substantive manner to the postings of others. In composingsubstantive responses, you can do several things, such as:*compare/contrast the findings of others with your research;*compare how the findings of others relate and add to the concepts learned in therequired readings; and/or*share additional empirical knowledge regarding global business — or internationalexperiences you may have had — relative to the postings of others.·The collaborative learning model requires substantive interaction between students on aweekly basis. Consider the Discussion as equivalent to being in a class, thus maintainprofessional communication standards at all times (no “IM” shorthand or informal jargon,please).

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