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There has been a clear shift from the manufacturing to knowledge based industries in the last few decades across the world. Employee turnover has been one of the most broadly studied areas of interest due to its significance to labour in the knowledge based industries. Employee turnover is being treated as a critical issue in Human Resource perspective, as it can hurt the overall productivity and subsequently organisational success. A key problem for service based organisations has been attracting and retaining the high quality employees (Heskett at al, 2008). According to Hokey Min, (2007) employee turnover can generally be analyzed in the terms of demographic variables (for eg. gender, age, educational level), occupational variables (for eg. Skill level, experience, tenure, status), organisational variables (for eg. Firm size, industry, job contents, working environments) and individual variables (for eg. Pay scale, reward, advancement opportunity, job security, job involvement). Different employees will have different variables affecting their jobs and these variable factors change overtime. And in some organisations employee turnover depends on person’s suitability, like Autry and Daugherty (2003) as cited by Hokey Min (2007) suggested that person-organisation fit could significantly affect employee turnover, because employees whose expectations about their company and supervisor characteristics are unmet are more likely to live their companies.

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