Leadership Profile

Gallup’s Strengths Finder

After taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, I realised that I possess the abilities and mindsets required to lead successfully in real-world situations. The results provided important information on several things I can do organically to lead. For instance, I might use the information to boost my leadership potential by transforming my strengths into my gifts.


Five themes—futuristic, relator, intellect, learner, and responsibility—reflected my leadership characteristics, according to the evaluation, which I learned. These ideas will be on my mind when I assess my abilities and consider how I may strengthen my leadership skills. The “futuristic” motif highlights my capacity to inspire people and my future-focused management style. I appreciate collaborating with people and finding satisfaction in teamwork as a “relator” (Sethuraman & Suresh, 2014). The concept of “intellection” is the foundation for talent. I enjoy tough conversations because they make me think harder. I am inspired to continue studying and develop professionally as a “learner.” Lastly, my understanding of the “responsibility” topic demonstrates that I am a reliable leader (Gallup, 2006). When collaborating with others, my key priorities are loyalty and integrity.


To improve as a leader in the future, I should build and hone a few of my values, abilities, and character traits. I need to work on two crucial virtues: respect for other people’s differences and humility. For instance, I now see that to enhance the relationship theme; I must demonstrate humility and respect for others’ diversity. I should work on honing my skills, including coming up with ideas and persuading people to adopt them (Pardey, 2016). In order to establish relationships with coworkers, I should improve my communication and confidence. My ability to influence others will increase if I can speak with confidence.

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