Leadership Theories in Practice

Healthcare organizations can boost productivity by exercising strong leadership. The results for both employees and patients depend on the way a leader leads. Numerous leadership philosophies can affect the effectiveness of healthcare organizations, but research shows that transactional and transformational philosophies have the strongest effects.


Empirical research on leadership in healthcare can teach us valuable things. The influence of transformative leadership on workplace empowerment, performance, and staff satisfaction is one of the most important lessons to be acquired from the materials chosen (Lin, MacLennan, Hunt, & Cox, 2015; Boamah, Laschinger, Wong, & Clarke, 2018). Another realization is how crucial it is to blend transactional and transformational leadership approaches to increase leadership effectiveness in healthcare companies (Smith, 2015).


A modest hospital’s nursing director is Mrs. Johnson. She works with a group of committed nurses, so I was curious about their driving forces. The mentor remarked that while still educating them, she gives nurses the freedom to put their knowledge into practice. For instance, she oversees a training and development program and pays nurses to apply the new abilities.


The local hospital has implemented transformational leadership techniques successfully. For instance, since Mrs. Johnson was appointed the hospital’s nurse supervisor, there have been fewer medical mistakes and hospital-acquired diseases. As a result of transformative leadership, employee empowerment, and happiness have improved.


A healthcare organization’s leadership style determines its level of success. However, not all fashion trends are advantageous. In all healthcare settings, especially community hospitals, transformational leadership is recognized as the most effective strategy.

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