Model 2023 G05 X5 LCI Face Lift Latest Information and Information

Take a look at the latest G05 X5 LCI prototype.

Latest G05 X5 LCI / G06 X6 LCI Information (from future models thread):

  • LCI production on 04/23
  • In production until 07/26 (G05 X5 and F95 X5M) and 03/28 (G06 X6 and F96 X6M)
  • The X6 sDrive40i has dropped (at least in the US).
  • It gets an update for the new B57 (non-US) engines, B58 and S68
  • xDrive40i gets 370 horsepower
  • xDrive50e gets 480 hp (with a powertrain we’ll see first in the 750e)
  • M50i becomes M60i with S68 engine
  • The M package becomes standard on the X6
  • Ambient air and acoustic glazing will be available
  • The X5 will have the same luminous grill as the X6 now.

Updated November 9th with photos revealing the LCI Facelift X5 M60i’s improved V8 (S68) design, front bumper design and kidney grilles

Updated May 13th With Spy Video

Updated February 3, 2022 with images showing the design of the LCI X5 PHEV Hybrid bumper.

Name: BMW X5 facelift 2.png Views: 27313 Size: 2.36MB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 4.jpg Views: 27284 Size: 280.9 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 1.png Views: 28017 Size: 3.72MB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 3.png Views: 27977 Size: 4.78MB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 6.jpg Views: 26672 Size: 263.5 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 14.jpg Views: 26382 Size: 542.4 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 12.jpg Views: 26166 Size: 416.1 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 11.jpg Views: 26193 Size: 478.5 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 10.jpg Views: 26083 Size: 374.8 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 9.jpg Views: 26096 Size: 508.4 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 8.jpg Views: 26080 Size: 492.2 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 1.jpg Views: 26127 Size: 583.9 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 7.jpg Views: 25977 Size: 485.1 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 2.jpg Views: 26046 Size: 442.6 KB

Name: BMW X5 facelift 3.jpg Views: 26169 Size: 807.0 KB

Photo update January 3, 2022

Name: _SB34688.jpg Views: 44028 Size: 240.4 KB

Name: _SB34702 copy.jpg Views: 43527 Size: 269.7 KB

Name: _SB34683.jpg Views: 43892 Size: 630.4 KB

Name: _SB34689.jpg Views: 43512 Size: 627.1 KB

Name: _SB34691.jpg Views: 43582 Size: 602.5 KB

Name: _SB34693.jpg Views: 43527 Size: 634.0KB

Name: _SB34694.jpg Views: 43455 Size: 581.5 KB

Name: _SB34695.jpg Views: 43376 Size: 621.1 KB

Name: _SB34697.jpg Views: 43354 Size: 647.2 KB

Name: _SB34699.jpg Views: 43348 Size: 746.5 KB

Name: _SB34700.jpg Views: 43337 Size: 685.4 KB

Name: _SB34706.jpg Views: 43187 Size: 561.7 KB

Name: _SB34702.jpg Views: 43105 Size: 552.3 KB

Name: _SB34710.jpg Views: 42881 Size: 606.8 KB

Name: _SB34715.jpg Views: 42831 Size: 608.9 KB

Name: _SB34717.jpg Views: 42934 Size: 611.4 KB

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