New Schirmer M4GT – Standard Lap 06:53,5 @BTG Nurburgring

Schirmer team reveals BMW. It’s the BMW that bans its cars from the Porsche imo. They did 7:00 with the F87 M2 Comp, and 6:53 with the G82 M4 Comp. BMW never gave us official computers for the F87, but the Sport Auto lap time was 7:52 for the F87, which is a 52-second improvement! Same for the G82, I think the Sport Auto lap time was 7:30! This is a 37-second improvement.

BMW makes highly capable cars for half the price! A small company that I just took and proved it! Not surprisingly, most of the cars at the Nürburgring are bimmers.. You can see dozens of E36/46/92 F8Xs chasing GT3s!

I love the schirmer team, said Enought, I hope we get to see them race BMW in motorsport.

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