The Inclusion of Nurses in the Systems Development Life Cycle

To improve patient outcomes in healthcare, information systems are crucial. Given that nurses use these technologies, they ought to play a significant part in their development. Nurses should be involved in designing and acquiring information systems, even though they might not be the actual buyers or designers, to avoid opposition and ineffective use.


Issues may arise if nurses are involved in the SDLC process. Nurses should be consulted for information that would aid in developing the requirements and strategy (Brennan & Bakken, 2015). For the analytical process to be completed, implementers require more expertise. The design and execution failure will also be attributed to the project team’s creation of a flawed system that must address the nurses’ requirements (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). Finally, they will implement a program that might offend the primary users.


By engaging nurses, the project team will begin with the necessary knowledge to address the issues. They will do the necessary research and development project specs that take the needs of the nurses and the actual users into account. By interacting with them, you can ensure their support for the change and eliminate potential opposition (Hollnagel & Braithwaite, 2019). Healthcare systems must be successful when the project team and nurses work together.



In my nursing practice, I had a big say in the planning and selecting of the new health IT system. My participation in the process ensured that a product was obtained that satisfied a caregiver’s needs because it included a patient electronic records system.



Nurses must be involved in the creation and acquisition of information systems. The systems are used and put into practice by nurses. In order to avoid opposition or communication problems during the implementation phase, leaders should work with them.

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