Nursing Theory in Practice

Nursing theories are critical because they affect how professionals handle patients. They serve as the foundation for nursing research and practice. They, therefore, assist in assessing the obligations and liabilities of carers in the nursing profession. Because they enhance practice and patient outcomes, theories are essential in contemporary nursing and healthcare. Serious healthcare issues, such as changing patient demographics and rising healthcare expenses, are present in the United States. Strong ideas should therefore be available to inspire appropriate replies.

Additionally, the ethnic population is expanding, which makes it difficult for caregivers to tailor care to each patient’s needs (Lee, Palmieri, & Watson, 2016). Nursing experts must be conscious of the adjustments, comprehend the fresh challenges, and provide effective solutions. Despite the apparent issues in their field, nurses use theories to direct their knowledge and talents and provide better care. Along with more well-known ideas like Martha Rogers’ Unitary Human Beings, Fay Abdellah’s “21 Nursing Problems,” and Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, nurses can create and operationalize new ideas to use in nursing practice.







A Whole Person, Martha Rogers














One of the leading nursing thinkers is Martha Rogers. She is in favor of the “Science of Unitary Human Beings.” Before developing as a theorist, researcher, and author of the book An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of Nursing, which explained her theory, she worked as a nurse in the United States. She developed the hypothesis because she thought isolating patients from their surroundings was improper due to the detrimental effects on their health. Consequently, the environment is crucial for therapy and health (Smith & Parker, 2015). The concept of interdependence between individuals and the atmosphere is critical in enhancing American health care.

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