Online communication skills | EDDD 8110 – The Art of Online Teaching | Walden University

Communication is as much art as science, and like all people, you likely have your personal strengths and weaknesses. With a growth mindset, you can always learn to improve your skills by identifying your challenges and taking steps to overcome them. In this Discussion, you identify your strengths as an online communicator, as well as areas in which you can improve.To Prepare:Review Video Interviews With Effective Online Instructors. Consider which communication skills addressed are most important to you, and why. Imagine that you are being interviewed for an online teaching position. You are asked by the interviewer to explain your strengths in online communication, as well as areas that you are actively working to develop.Post your response to the interview question about your strengths as a communicator and how you are working to develop your communication skills. Share examples that include at least three areas of strength and three areas for growth in online communication. After providing your response, be sure to support your statements by citing from the literature addressing online communication skills.

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