Operation and logistic management (supply chain of company- 4000

 Topic: Analyse the supply chain of a business and identify the core competencies required to be successful in today’s turbulent business environment. (4000 words)OThe question should consider the following:• Issues in application of forecasting and planning • Analysis of existing Logistics and Distribution strategies• Operational KPI’s required to manage businessRecommended novel and future strategies that could potentially provide the business with a sustained competitive  advantageShould include following1.  Detailed analysis of inputs and Outputs of an organisation using a supply chain SC  (20 marks)2.  Accurate arguments ON how SC planning & forecasting enables effective operations management (20 marks)3.  Detailed analysis on their approach to logistics and strong argument (20 marks)4.  Detailed analysis of how a technology can be used to improve performance of an operation  (20 marks)5.  Detailed research and Accurate referencing  (20 marks)Please refer to the module handbook attached for detailed information.

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