Ops 571 final exam guide latest/ops 571 final exam guide latest

  1. Which of the following is a measure of operations and supply management efficiency used by Wall Street?Dividend payout ratioReceivable turnoverCurrent ratioFinancial leverageEarnings per share growth2. An activity-system map is which of the following?A diagram that shows how a company’s strategy is delivered to customersA timeline displaying major planned eventsA network guide to route airlinesA facility layout schematic noting what is done whereA listing of activities that make up a project3. Which of the following is a total measure of productivity?Output/MaterialsOutput/LaborOutput/(Labor + Capital + Energy)Output/InputsAll of these4. Which of the following approaches to service design is characterized by having the customer take a greater role in the production of the service?Quality approachSelf-service approachProduction-line approachDo-it-yourself approachPersonal-attention approach

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