Please read this case and write about thomas green inexperience using

 please read this case and write about Thomas Green Inexperience using the step 2. Max 4 pages . This needs to be written from the perspective of Thomas (you are Thomas)Step 2: Determine the best strategy/approach to address the issue.Now that there is a core issue to focus on, what is the best way to begin addressing it in a way that willimprove the situation. Start with divergent thinking to uncover potential approaches, then useconvergent thinking to choose the most promising approach.Questions that may be helpful during divergent thinking:Who can I influence to address the issue?What forces can I bring to bear on the issue?What if I wait or do nothing?If considering this evidence as a group, what efforts have been made to avoid groupthink and toinclude diverse perspectives?Questions that may be helpful during convergent thinking:How well does each alternative address the criteria above (purpose, values, goals) in relation toyour issues?How likely is each alternative to be successful?What are the potential costs, limitations, implications, unintended consequences of eachalternative?Which of these alternatives are within my control?What ethical issues may be relevant here?What evidence supports each alternative?What additional information would be most valuable to acquire?What could cause each approach to fail (i.e., play devil’s advocate)?How would a reasonable person disagree?Did I consider the short-run versus long-run implications: optimizing versus satisficing?Attachments area 

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