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Add ContentYou add the information about your business as content slides.a.Create a new slide after Slide 1 using the Section Header layout. Type the following in the title placeholder: Want’n Waffles provides gourmet quality food prepared on the spot in a clean mobile truck.b.Double-click the border of the title placeholder, then change the font size to 60 pt and apply Italic.c.Add the following speaker note to Slide 3: We can sell inexpensive breakfasts, lunches, and desserts because our overhead is low. We don’t have to pay for a “brick and mortar” restaurant with all of the expenses of a building. Because we don’t have to pay for servers, prices stay down while sales increase. Our trucks are a favorite with employees because they get quick service, excellent food, and the convenience of a location close to them. We are mobile so we can change location as needed to increase sales. Best of all, our food is FUN!Create TablesYou create a table to show the increase in sales from last year to this year and a table showing a few of your waffle specialties.a.Create a table of four columns and seven rows in the content placeholder on Slide 4. Type the data from the table below in your table.TABLE 1 CategoryLast YearThis YearIncreaseBreakfast waffles$125,915$255,856$129,941Breakfast crepes45,40497,03851,634Waffle-wiches61,510138,55577,045Waffle cookies22,10043,20021,100Dessert waffles151,012246,06595,053Totals$405,941$780,714$374,773b.Apply the Medium Style 2 – Accent 2 Table Style to the table.c.Format the table text font to 18 pt. Center align the column headings and right align all numbers.d.Add a new slide after Slide 4 that uses the Comparison layout. Type Want’n Waffle Specialties as the title of the slide, use Luncheon Waffles as the heading for the left column, and type Dessert Waffles as the heading for the right column. Type the data from Table 2 below in your table and apply the same formatting to this table that you applied in Step c.TABLE 2 Chicken and Waffle GrilledWaffle Confetti CakeCheeseWaffled Banana BreadPB&J Waffle PaniniChocolate Chip Waffle CookiesZucchini-Parmesan WaffleMaple Bacon WaffleWaffled Carrot CakeMargherita Waffle PizzaWaffle Sundaee.View the slide show in Slide Sorter view.f.Move Slide 5 (A Natural Franchise) so that it becomes Slide 3.g.Note that Slide 2 includes the mission statement as the introduction slide, Slides 3 through 7 cover the key points of the presentation and include supporting data, and Slide 8 uses a plan for the future as the conclusion (summary) slide.Add an Online Picture and Animate ContentYou want to include a picture of a waffle creation to inspire interest in the franchise. To emphasize the profits the business has realized, you add animations. To help the audience absorb the next steps on the summary slide, you animate the text.a.Display Slide 3. Use the content placeholder on the right side to open Online Pictures. Use waffles as your search keyword in the search box. Locate an image of a waffle and insert it in the placeholder.b.Use the same online picture of a waffle on the last slide of your slide show. Position the image in the lower-right portion of your slide, and size it appropriately.c.Select the Our first year was profitable box on Slide 5 and apply the Fly In entrance animation.d.Select the Our second year was significantly better box and apply the Fly In entrance animation. Change the Start option to After Previous.e.Apply the Fly In entrance animation to the text content placeholder on Slide 8.f.Check the spelling in the slide show, and review the presentation for any other errors. Fix anything you think is necessary.Navigate and PrintYou proofread the presentation in Slide Show view and check the animations. You notice an error on a slide and correct it. When all errors have been corrected, you print a handout with four slides per page.a.Start the slide show and navigate through the presentation, experimenting with various navigation methods.b.Note the parallel construction error on Slide 4. The third bulleted point, Profits are increasing, does not start with an active verb as the other bulleted points do.c.Annotate the conclusion slide, The Next Steps, by underlining detailed financial proposal and circling two and ten with a red pen.d.Exit the presentation and keep the annotations.e.Use the Slides pane in Normal view to navigate to Slide 4. Modify the third bulleted point as follows: Increase profits.f.Print a handout with four slides, horizontal per page if directed to print by your instructor.g.Save the file as a presentation and as a show. Close the file. Based on your instructor’s directions, submit the following:p01c1Waffles_LastFirstp01c1Waffles_LastFirst.ppsx

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