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FILLER TEXTFour full years have now passed since your company came into existence. You have survived a potentially devastating data breach and had to cut back on expenses in order to keep the company moving forward. Two years since the cutbacks, revenue is solid, the company is moving forward and has healed since its breach and cut back consequences.In the second month of the 4th year, a public announcement is made for a new product from your competitor that is shown to be groundbreaking and innovative in a way that makes your companyâ€s products or services seem inefficient and undesirable.  It will be important for your company to find a way to compete with this innovation to make your companyâ€s products or services look desirable again. Will you create an innovation yourself or find a way to discredit the innovation they put out?Our group innovation:Our idea is that our primary objective is develop, lunch social media campaign to promote the environmental and pet friendly logging. The goal is a 15-20% increase in number of  loyalty and new customers from June to September.Nowadays, climate change and global warming are the biggest issues so if we do new innovation that related to environmental impact, it is easy for us to collect information and dataFILLER TEXT…Based on this Airbnb project, we could do it more bigger and different ways to support environmentThis report must be a minimum of 4 paragraphs long with each 6 sentences . (Not included the spending section)Graphs and charts are encouraged. The team as a whole will need to come up with a competitors innovation idea. That idea will then be analyzed by the different rolesMy role as CPO?chief privacy officer): Analyze the innovation by the competitor. Does it serve to violate any of the privacy policies your company has in place or could it violate privacy of the users in any way they donâ€t foresee? Detail a few privacy concerns regarding the new possible innovation and create procedures or policies that ensure that data will be protected.Also, at the end of this report needs an spending section. 

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