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 Discussion : Product StrategyNo unread replies.No replies.Overall Discussion Forum Notes:You must make a primary post before you can see the other student posts.The primary post is due on Wednesday of the assigned week.  Primary post made after Wednesday will receive a 10% penalty.You must reply to at least two other students after your primary post.  The reply posts must be submitted by the due date.Reply posts must extend the overall conversation and be substantive.  Simple reply posts or simple statements of agreement will receive point deductions.Any approved late submissions will receive a maximum score of 75%.Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner and review the scoring rubric.Guidelines:Once again, the primary or first post is due by Wednesday night and then two high quality posts are due by the posted due date.  Make sure to review the scoring and gradebook comments from the previous discussion assignments, adjust your participation in order to achieve the maximum points you desire.InstructionsWrite a post for the Discussion on this topic, addressing the questions below. You may use either written paragraph or bullet-point format. Part 1 should be 2–3 paragraphs in length or an equivalent amount of content in bullet-point form. Responses to your classmates’ posts should be 1–2 paragraphs or several bullet points in length.Part 1: Product StrategyBriefly describe your product or service. Where is it in the product development life cycle? What recommendations do you have for improving the offering to fit your target market’s needs? Be sure to consider the following:What level of quality and consistency does the offering have?How many features does it have and can they be removed or added?Does the design and/or service deliver what the customer values? If not, how can it improve?What improvements would help your offering compete more effectively?

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