Professional Practice

Professionals should create a personal development plan that involves self-analysis, reflection, and assessment of strengths and shortcomings to prepare for their future career path adequately. The procedure offers crucial details for understanding the profession’s abilities and knowledge and pinpointing prospective future development areas. Planning also creates a roadmap for future development and advancement (Cottrell, 2015). Professional development is essential for chartered members to meet the demands of their jobs and the high standards of practice. People should analyze themselves and appraise their strengths and limitations, even if they feel ready for practice, to determine their current knowledge status as they plan for their future professional progress.





Brief Date Learning Period Reference to PDP 1 Undergraduate Radiation Protection Course April 2011 Five Years 2.2 Professional Development Activity





Environmental Management Postgraduate Courses in October 2019: 2





S1&2 for a year





Table 1: CPD Development Activities





I’ve learned risk management skills that I can use with an environmental organization. I recently completed a five-year undergraduate nuclear engineering degree (Radiation Protection). I now possess the information necessary to work in an environment where radiation protection risk is managed. I’ve started my postgraduate environmental management study. I have the education and experience necessary to start a job. But as I prepare to work in the demanding risk management environment, I want to understand more about the two professions.





2.3 Personal Development Plan: An ongoing procedure that encourages continuous skill and experience growth and has value for the workplace of the future. I must assess my knowledge and ability levels, as well as my advantages and weaknesses, to accomplish the goal.

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