Question 1 redford, inc. has provided the following data:

Question 1Redford, Inc. has provided the following data: Sales Price $200.00per unitSales 6,000UnitsFixed Cost $300,000 Variable cost $100.00per unit  If the dollar contribution margin per unit is increased by 10%, total fixed cost is decreased by 20%, and all other factors remain the same, net income will: A.  decrease by $60,000.B.  increase by $60,000.C.  increase by $120,000.D.  increase by $420,000. Question 2Gardner Manufacturing Company produces a product that sells for $120. A selling commission of 10% of the selling price is paid on each unit sold. Variable manufacturing costs are $60 per unit. Fixed manufacturing costs are $20 per unit based on the current level of activity, and fixed selling and administrative costs are $16 per unit. The contribution margin per unit is: a.  $104b.  $72c.  $60d.  $48       Question 3 Iacopi Corporation is a wholesaler that sells a single product. Management has provided the following cost data for two levels of monthly sales volume. The company sells the product for $172.50 per unit. Sales volume (units) 4,000 5,000Cost of sales $307,600 $384,500Selling and administrative costs $321,200 $337,000 The best estimate of the total contribution margin when 4,300 units are sold is: a.  $343,140b.  $65,790c.    $121,260d.  $411,080 Question 4 Shipping expense is $9,000 for 8,000 pounds shipped and $11,250 for 11,000 pounds shipped. Assuming that this activity is within the relevant range, if the company ships 9,000 pounds, its expected shipping expense is closest to: a.  $10,125b.  $8,583c.  $9,972d.  $9,750  Question 5 Fixed cost per unit increases as activity decreases and decreases as activity increases. True False  Question 6 Within the relevant range, the variable cost per unit: A.   remains constant as activity changes B.   increases as activity increases. C.  decreases as activity increases. D.  can increase or decrease as the activity changes. 

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