Research Paper on child abuse

SOW 3401Research Proposal Assignment—Part I: The ProblemThis assignment is worth 40 raw points which will then be converted to 10% of your final grade Students are required to write a research proposal on a specific problem that requires research to learn more about the problem or how to address the problem. This assignment consists of three parts and this is part I. This assignment should be 3-pages in length, but should not exceed 4 pages, double spaced, have 1-inch margins, have APA headers and should be in font size 12. The 6-10 pages excludes the cover page, abstract and reference page and the assignment must follow all APA (6th Edition) formatting style guidelines. The assignment must include the following. Please use each topic/question below as a heading in your assignment. That means that your answers should follow right underneath each separate heading. 1. Abstract (150 word maximum) Worth 5 points—the abstract goes on a separate page—see APA formatting and is not counted as one of the 4 pages.2. Statement of the problem-Worth 20 pointsThis section uses literature to make a case for the problem statement, but does not become your review of the literature. The review of the literature is a separate section and goes more indepth on the literature. In this section (Statement of the problem) you use statistical information to make a case for the prevalence of the problem you are studying. In other words, how many people have this problem, gender affected by problem, age, etc. 3.Significance of the study you are proposing-Worth 5 pointsExplain why this study is important. Why did you choose to do this study and why it’s an important social work topic to study—in other words, what is its relevance and importance to the field of social work. 4. Other Grading Criteria (Worth 10 points)Please see grading rubric on page 2 for additional grading criteria related to formatting, length of the assignment, and organization of the assignment. This assignment is worth 40 points and will be graded using the following rubric on page 2 of this document. GRADING RUBRIC Items to be addressed in assignment (Worth 40 Points) Possible Points Earned Points I. Abstract (10 points)1. The assignment includes an abstract that is on a separate page (1 points) (yes, on separate page =1 points; not on a separate page =0)2. The abstract does not exceed 150 words (2 points) (yes, adheres to 150 word limit =1 points; no does not adhere to word limit =0 points)3. The abstract clearly conveys what will follow in the assignment ) (3 points) (Excellent = 3 points, Good =2 points, Poor =1 point) 1 1 3 II. Overview of the topic/problem statement (20 points)1. The assignment includes a clear description of the problem (10 points) (Excellent =10, good =8, fair =5, poor =3 not addressed = 0) 2. It is evident that the assignment uses the existing literature to describe the topic/problem statement (5 points) (Excellent =5, good =4, fair =2, poor =1)3. The assignment includes statistical prevalence on the topic/problem (who is affected by this problem, statistical information on the population affected, etc.) (5 points) (Excellent =5, good =4, fair =2, poor =1) 10 5 5 II. Significance of the Study (10 points)1. Assignment includes a clear description of the importance of the topic to the field of social work.Student described the importance of the topic (5 points) (Excellent =5, good =4, fair =2, poor =1) 5 III. Other Grading Criteria (10 points)1. Assignment is organized, written clearly and easy to follow =2 points (Excellent =2, Good =1, Poor=0)2. Assignment is written in a scholarly manner =2 points (Excellent =2 Good =1, Poor =0)3. Used in text citations correctly throughout the entire assignment (using APA) = 2 points (Used in text citations correctly =2 points, Inconsistent use of correct in text citations throughout the assignment =1 point, the majority of the in text citations were not formatted correctly =0) 4. No spelling errors or errors in grammar = 2 points (No spelling or grammar errors =2, less than 5 spelling errors and/or errors in grammar = 1, more than 5 spelling errors and/or errors in grammar = 0) 5. Met required assignment length = 2 points (Met assignment length requirement =2, Did not meet assignment requirement =0). 2 2 2 2 2 Total Points 40

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