The 2023 BMW i4 M50 runs mid 11 miles in the second quarter


The new M50 only has 112 miles, but I hadn’t heard of any breaks in the action required for electric vehicles, so I decided to do some Dragy Tests.
The car is very consistent. It always locks up at 120 mph like a computer.

Stock tire pressure settings ~40PSI
The 19-inch Pzero summer tires seem to have significantly fewer rolling issues compared to the Goodyear Eagle All Season tires.

55F surround. With no benefits from a
DA is as low as an ICE vehicle, warmer temperatures will actually benefit the EV with less aerodynamic drag and better traction.

Unprocessed surface results:

3.43 seconds 0-60 mph
3.25 seconds 0-60 mph with subtraction

11.53 @ 120.5 mph quarter mile.

Although it has summer tires, the top speed is still limited to 130mph
I think the reason we all think the M50 will run its traps at 125mph is that there seems to be a 5mph error at these speeds.
Although the Model 3 will do 160 mph, see how powerful the BMW is at 120 to 130 mph.
Not bad for a bone-stock 5,000-pound sedan that gets nearly 100 mpg.

The car’s average acceleration is about 80g from 6mph to 50mph. Peak at 0.90.

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