The American Dream

The American Dream in a Novel and Films

In the United States, a new culture arose at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th centuries. Its distinguishing characteristics were the quest for riches, extravagance, security, and pleasure. In the modern world, maintaining a traditional family and neighbourhood is unusual. It emphasized extravagance and luxury while questioning long-standing social and religious norms. The flow of money and the exchange of products was another significant development. Everyone looked for fulfilment in the ownership and utilization of material goods. Americans have begun to accept the idea that their country was prosperous. It served as a spot where needs and wants might be met. After the nation entered a new phase of cultural consciousness, a dramatic dream about American life began to take shape. Novels and movies, which have evolved into crucial tools for doing so, may now expose the most important cultural shifts and events in the nation’s history.


The theatre portrays American life as a fantasy (a dream). People have the impression that it is a peaceful location where they can do whatever they choose. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz best exemplifies the American dream. The novel’s universe is lovely, enchanting, and appealing. Lyman Frank Baum’s book affected American society. The story begins with a beautiful sepia picture of Kansas farmland. Young Dorothy aspires to live in a rich environment. One day, she is caught in a tornado and awakens in the Land of Oz. With the assistance of the great wizard of Oz, she wants to get back home. Her voyage is a beautiful illustration of American life in the 20th century. Numerous Americans want to live in this utopia.

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