The Marketing Strategy of Qatar Airways

Please refer to the below attachment “proposal” and use the information in the proposal. – table of content chapter 1 -Introduction (500 words) chapter 2 -Literature review – please include knowledge gap (2700 words) chapter 3 – methodology (2300 words) chapter 4 – ethics (500 words) chapter 5 -limitations of the study (400 words) chapter 6 -results of the questioner (1000 words) chapter 7 – analysis of the questioner and compare it with Literature review (1500 words) chapter 8 -conclusion (1000 words) * Please make pie chart according to the result from the questionnaire. *the second chart should be Gantt chart from 28 September 2019 until 27 March 2020. *the power point slide should be summarized information of the dissertation.

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