The Nurse Leader and the System Development Life Cycle

It is impossible to emphasize the significance of nurse leaders’ contributions to a healthcare facility’s systems development project’s success. The nurse leader coordinates the graduate-level nurses’ use of the nurse documentation system. The team leader will also choose the nurses who will be a part of the implementation team. Even though a nurse leader has several roles on the implementation team, the job descriptions for other nurses need to be updated depending on the SDLC stages and activities.

Arrangement and Needs Definition

The first phase of the SDLC is planning and requirements definition. This stage entails obtaining crucial data to assess the demand for the new system and develop the most effective deployment strategy. The nurse’s role during the planning phase is to offer vital information identifying the project’s advantages and disadvantages. The part affects the project’s performance because data is needed from the start.


The second stage of the SDLC is an analysis. The deed takes place during a system performance evaluation utilizing established standards. It involves determining if the new system is appropriate for the demands of its users. To make their jobs more accessible, the project’s nurses require a design for product documentation. Customers must submit crucial information to assess the project or effectively find a solution to their needs.

The New System’s Design

At the third stage of the cycle design, it is necessary to develop the requirements, features, and procedures for a new documentation system that will satisfy the needs of the end users. The nurse is responsible for making sure the system is designed to meet their unique needs.

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