The R44 M3 route to SEMA 2022


So if you haven’t seen our social we spent just over a week in the US traveling from LA to Vegas and back we had a great time and were honored not only to attend the event but to receive the reception from the US auto scene and especially our friends at PQ Performance.

Our plan was to build a car, drive it to Vegas, and then use it to get around while we were in the states. PQ Performance was more than happy to get involved and we started turning a stunning red Aventurine G80 M3 already running some serious power.

Design options were:

– MHC + CSL carbon fiber front grille (with custom trim sensor surround).
– MHC + SP1 Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler
– MHC + SK1 carbon fiber side skirts
– MHC air ducts + carbon fiber
– MHC + carbon fiber spoiler
– H&R lowering springs
Spacers 12/15 mm
– Rays Ram Lite 57 d

We were very pleased with the result and the color contrast with the reds and carbons is truly stunning in the California sunshine.

Upon getting ready to go, the boys at PQ told us the car was E85 only which meant it wouldn’t make the trip from Los Angeles to Vegas. Like true champs, they managed to organize a trailer for their RAM TRX which we all hopped in and drove to Vegas.

It’s been a great trip, and meeting the many people we work smart over seas in the flesh was a real honor. We’ve been so busy trying to get the most out of SEMA and meeting everyone as well, we look forward to next year and hope we can spend more time there meeting more customers as well.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made the trip possible and brought it next year!

I’ll be posting more about our little get-togethers and cruises while we’re there too, so stay tuned

Enjoy some of our favorite R44Dylan picks!

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Name: SEMA4-44.jpg Views: 163 Size: 396.1 KB

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