The tuned G80 M3 pulls on a Model S Plaid on a 1/4 mile track!

To be fair, the engraved value drops 1/4 times significantly when the SOC is less than 50%. 9.20 @ 151 is the best I’ve seen in stock. (stock IE no weight reduction) For some reason, the Tesla Plaid channel guy, his car only locks up in the 148 range. The 22-inch spider wheels also make a huge difference for the top end.

But it drops to as low as 140 at a cost of less than 50%. Stock G80 engine with Femto/BM3 on race gas, 143 trap. 145 with a larger turbo. Therefore, the platter must be in a low state of charge in order to be walked on.

Engraved still do 120 in the eighth. The faster g80 is like a 114. A lower state of charge is all that makes sense.

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