Thyroid Cancer

Trends in Thyroid Cancer Incidence in the Gulf Cooperation Council States


One of the numerous malignant endocrine tumors that frequently develop worldwide is thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer ranked as the eleventh most common cancer in terms of new cases and fatalities in 2008, according to GLOBOCAN. (2018). In contrast to the 567,233 new patients (3.1% of all cancer cases) in 2018, there were 41,071 new thyroid cancer deaths in 2018. This represents 0.4% of all cancer cases. 2018 (Bray et al.). (Bray et al.). Bray et al. New instances of thyroid cancer have increased from 2.1% in 2012 to 3.1% in 2018, making it more prevalent than ever (Grimm, 2017). 2018 (Bray et al.). (Bray et al.). Research has identified environmental and lifestyle factors like increased iodine intake, radiation, nitrates, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and poor diet as risk factors for thyroid cancer in addition to comorbid conditions like chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases (Liu, Su, &Xiao, 2017). There may have been a natural increase in thyroid cancer cases, or there may now be more effective detection methods, such as imaging and biopsy (Liu, Su, &Xiao, 2017).





The prevalence of thyroid cancer in the Gulf states is the primary topic of the current investigation. After Bahrain and Kuwait, thyroid cancer was the second most prevalent disease in the Gulf States in 2002. Thyroid cancer was listed as the third most prevalent malignancy in Bahrain and Kuwait (Al-Zahrani & Ravichandran, 2007). A thorough investigation revealed that Saudi Arabia had a 47.34 percent incidence, and Libya had a 6.18 percent incidence (Al Shahrani et al., 2016). Like other regions of the world, the Gulf region has a high incidence of thyroid cancer, perhaps due to embracing western culture (Al Shahrani et al., 2016).





It is critical to investigate the problem further because there is little information available regarding the prevalence of thyroid cancer throughout the Gulf region (Al Shahrani et al., 2016). It is essential to evaluate and keep track of the Gulf’s thyroid cancer incidence rate. Finding present patterns and historical differences in cancer incidence is also crucial (Al-Othman et al., 2015).

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