Top quality needed i would like to answer the case study’s

 TOP QUALITY NEEDEDI would like to answer the case study’s questions, and please do it in three documents.Report format:Word Document 4-5 PagesExecutive Summary (max 1 page) –you should write this AFTER you have completed the whole case study questions.It is an Executive Summary. be sure it is effective that I will understand the issues and the recommendations after reading this?Please note (please write a report without mentioning the questions and the answers the report should discuss the case and at the same time answering the questions.Any calculations should be completed in Excel® and then copied into your master Word® document. Discuss the calculations and number in the verbiage, do not just list calculations without discussion or as exhibits at the end of the document. Submit the separate Excel® file.You should organize the report as follow:Executive summary.IntroductionDiscussing and answering the questions.Discussing calculations.Last is the recommendations and the conclusion.Excel sheetPowerPoint 5-6 slidesPrepare a PowerPoint Presentation that summarizes the answers and discuss the calculations to the Case questions.Hello,I hope you are doing well, thank you for helping me with this assignment, Would you please note that I requested a refund for the same job from another tutor due to lack of information and lack of quality. I hope you do it in much better way the previous one.I will send you my comment in the previous tutors’ work.Best regardsThese are my comments to him below:I reviewed the work unfortunately I have many comments on the quality of the work, please find them below:1- First of all the whole assignment answers have the same ideas as the answers in (course hero website) even the same flow of sentences but by paraphrasing these sentences.2- The executive summary should be done after you finish all answers to sum everything in that summary even the recommendations, unfortunately the instructions were not followed.3- most of the calculations were wrong and those numbers which were copied from the case also wrong.4- Also you rounding up all numbers while I need the numbers as its appear in the calculator.5- The power point slides do not explain any of these calculations I was expecting at least one slide that talks about the calculations as I told you before its a PowerPoint presentation.6- I checked even the results of the calculations that you gave me its different than what my colleagues having.Please recheck the whole assignment again and correct all these major issues or if you cannot do it I am sorry to request a refund.unfortunately, after my comments were sent to him, he didn’t even do the calculations in a proper way then i asked for a refund.I am hoping this time will be much better than the old one, so please I need a high quality work so I can improve my grades, I don’t WANT to loose any marks for it, and at the same time I will confident to recommend you to my colleagues.Again I appreciate your help and your time as well.Sincerely 

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