Video: G87 M2 M performance exhaust sound clips


the original contribution was written by 46 – Nada
second opinion

Get around this awesome car! But the exhaust sound is good.

I found the exhaust sound strange. Especially at startup. Like a groan. This exhaust performance eh? The stock G42 has a deeper, fuller tone with improved market exhausts.

Interesting set up the exhaust on the back.. and set up the Lexus LFA upside down. I’ve noticed that the rear diffuser with the setup sticks out the diffuser and flushes with the rear bumper.

Ah, those side flicks/vents… I see they didn’t stick to it to the edge with a gap of paint showing up (sign @ 2:15). OCD will hate it and imagine dirt accumulating on contact. Why can’t they make it flow to the rim or even wrap the inside of the wheel well just a little bit to make it look smoother?

Covers the rear bumper… I must say it makes the bumper look better. Really breaks up that huge 3/4″ rear and 3/4″ field of view. Just too bad, it’s fixed and doesn’t work.

Hopefully the aftermarket will come out with a lot of better things.

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