We M – Mbedded, Episode 9. LINE-UP / Screenshots on board LMDh

We M – Mbedded, Episode 9. LINE-UP / Screenshots on board LMDh


Great to have some shots on board and hear the sound of the LMDH V8!


It’s time for extensive testing of the new BMW M Hybrid V8 model and some driver announcements. The new episode Mbedded offers the first glimpse into the car’s incredible power on the track and in the emotional moments of BMW M drivers – from joy to excitement to tears…

Munich. BMW M Motorsport’s video documentary ‘MBEDDED’ offers exclusive insights into the racing programme, gets up close and personal with the officials, and gives viewers a whole new perspective on how key decisions are made. Episode IX begins with on-board footage of the BMW M Hybrid V8 during a test drive, giving a good impression of the enormous potential of the LMDh prototype for the first time. Later in the episode, the focus turns to the drivers who will be competing in the IMSA 2023 season.

The episode comes after the BMW M Hybrid V8 was tested, initially in Europe and then in the USA. Driving the car at relatively low power during startup, the prototype now shows its impressive potential on the racetrack. The aspects that drivers really enjoy in dry conditions present real challenges during testing in the rain at Watkins Glen (USA).

Away from the racetrack, MBEDDED #9 is getting up close and personal with the four regular IMSA drivers Conor De Philippe (USA), Philip Inge (Australia), Augusto Farfus (Brazil) and Nick Yallowe (Britain). The camera even captures some very emotional and personal moments, revealing a side of BMW M drivers that they don’t show during normal racing weekends. In addition to the IMSA drivers, René Rast (GER) also shares his impressions after his first outing in a BMW M Motorsport race car.

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