What Can You Tell Me about Yourself


To enrol in a particular faculty, a candidate must fulfil the prerequisites, which the college admissions counsellor will decide. Understanding the value of exercise is essential since it enables the school to accept the top applicants in all academic areas. Finding a student’s information has, however, always been complex. The admissions counsellor reviews the student’s resume and cover letter, but she mostly looks for anything noteworthy. However, the details on the resume and cover letter are often condensed and offered in summary form. The recruiter should go above and above when asking the student for additional information via an essay question for the analyst to obtain more individualized data.

Query Regarding Personality

Therefore, the essay’s question should make sense in light of this, necessitating careful question formulation. Subjectively, I could ask the student a brief, open-ended inquiry if I were a college admissions officer. Since the CV and cover letter already contain most personal information, I want to gather any additional pertinent information that should be included in the CV. I should ask the following inquiry, then. What personal information about you that isn’t relevant to the application can you give me?


What I learned from the question

A question of this kind that is asked of a candidate reveals more about the admissions officer. The official’s initial curiosity about the application is evident in the query. Although resumes usually feature condensed information, the representative respects the application. He might also express his dissatisfaction with the qualities listed in the application and his desire to learn more about the applicant.

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