Women’s & gender studies

My topic is two faridas you can see all the instructions in the files i uploaded . Please follow those instructions and do it in a critical analysis Perspective. please read all the instructions of it and , in recreation we need to explain phone as technology in 21st century, a boy as fridas husband diego rivera And in original there were mexicon and other dresses she wore , but we changed the concept to punjabi traditional dress and canadian western dress … culture.. You will transform the work by reinterpreting it in terms of 21st century perceptions of gender, race and identity, exploring how to make it relevant today. Write a three page analysis of your project.Start with an introductory paragraph describing the intention of the project to create a work that challenges the traditions of a patriarchal, Eurocentric, binary gendered Art History.Describe the work in terms of style, subject matter and meaning. Discuss the way in which the work is an expression of its historical context.Describe what was kept from the original work and what was changed, and why. Explain how your “Tableau Vivant” engages with contemporary culture. What issues does it address?What challenges or new insights did you encounter? Reflect on what might you have done differently.Include a bibliography and citations.Include images of both the original work and the “Tableau Vivant”.

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