Write 3 to 4 pages for 2 copy of discussion not including the title

 Write 3 to 4 pages for 2 copy of discussion not including the title page or references.. Both has to be totally different copy and topic.For this week’s discussion board everyone will find a current event article (must be related to IT Policy or Information Management Systems), create a mind map, and write a two to three paragraph summary of the article that includes three (3) discussion questions for the class and a hyperlink to the original current event article.Please submit the current event summary and mind map as an electronic assignment to the discussion board for the class to read and discuss.The assignment should be in a Word document and the mind map can be either a Word or PowerPoint. Remember to use APA format.note: I sent u 6 sample assignments of my friends but please don’t do the same topic or same work. It’s just for idea . Don’t forget to include mind mapping figure or picture for each assignment and three discussion questions . Thanks

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